The Republic of Bolivia, named after Simón Bolívar, is a landlocked country in central South America.
It is bordered by Brazil on the north and east, Paraguay and Argentina on the south, Chile and Peru on the west.

Bolivia may be one of the greatest countries in South America, but its cultural wealth,
the mindblowing Andean and Tropical Forest landscapes and the remnants of mysterious
ancient civilizations make it the richest and most exciting destination for adventurous and independent travelers.




Come visit Bolivia with us!!!
Culture & tradition, history & art, nature & adventure.... is your host.


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Residencial Bolivar A beautiful and romantic 18th century old colonial house, around a cool and leafy patio with inviting hammocks.
You will find a tropical environment, safe, nice, clean, fresh and familiar.
A peaceful place surrounded by hammocks that invites you to relax, read, share and meet nice people.
Calle Sucre # 131 · Telf. 591-3-3342500 ·
email: · Santa Cruz de la Sierra ·


Finca LA VISPERA SAMAIPATA - A Real Retreat with a scattering of comfortable guesthouses and appartments of different styles; camping place and horses to ride.

We called it "La Víspera" = the Eve, thus refering to a celebration of what is to come….. With the years La Víspera has grown to become a Real Organic Farm Retreat with hundreds of endemic trees, flower- and terraced gardens. We grow a grand variety of vegetables, fruits and aromatic herbs. In the HERBOLARIO we process them into medicinal mixtures, herbal teas, seasoning, massage oils, tinctures, jams, nectars & mousses.

Marga and Pieter, owners of this beautiful country retreat, peacefully situated in Samaipata, Bolivia.

It´s our pleasure to share this paradise.

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Le invitamo a que sea parte de nuestro sitio inscribiéndose en nuestra guía, publicando un aviso, una oferta, un producto novedoso, nuevas tecnologías, noticias y proyectos, la presentación de su empresa, que ayuden a crecer nuestra ciudad. · Cel 760 71 789 · email:



2OO años siempre libres            Historia Casas Bicentenarias
Biblioteca Museo de Historia Santa Cruz de la Sierra


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Museo Textil ASUR

Academia Musical Oscar Rojas "A.M.O.R."

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Bolivia 's Geological and Mining books
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La Pintura Boliviana del Siglo XX - La Nueva Generación
Un espectador y la obra de
Cecilio Guzmán de Rojas

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A anthology of bolivian poems.

Santa Cruz, the main economic center of Bolivia.

El negocio de la Soya se recupera de un duro revés.

The Orchids in Bolivia

CHAPARE - Come and visit a tropical paradise - Villa Tunari - Cochabamba

Aiquile: The earthquake's first days.

History of the Bolivia's Independence


Maracuya - Kinds and uses
of this wonderful fruit

Bolivia is a minningcountry by excellence.

The book
"Los Minerales de Bolivia y sus Parajes". Salomón Rivas V.

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